Is For Honor A Dying Game?

How many people still play for honor?

For HonorMonthAvg.

PlayersPeak PlayersLast 30 Days2,727.85,071May 20212,774.34,972April 20213,494.85,846March 20213,908.96,66449 more rows.

Was for honor a success?

For Honor was a game worth fighting for, but Ubisoft overcome the post-launch stigma. They did something simple: make the game free for one week on PC at the end of August. According to gaming statistics site GitHyp, For Honor a record peak of 200,000 players on Steam, quickly hitting the top 10 on the Steam charts.

Is it worth playing for honor in 2020?

For Honor has constant content updates, balance patches, events, and graphical updates that make it a great game to purchase, even in 2020. Released back in February of 2017, For Honor has been a great game for players to experience throughout the years, and has only improved with Ubisoft’s content updates.

Is for honor on PC dead?

While not dead for the overall game, some regions have far less players than others and almost every game mode will feel like it’s dead, except Dominion and maybe Duels. Servers are region locked, some are far more populated than others. I’ve been finding plenty of matches.

Will for honor have a Year 5?

Details are thin though it’s likely Ubisoft are pursuing another lore-heavy hero in Year 5 Season 2. They will be the first new addition to the popular fighting game in 2021 and will be accompanied by another hero later this year in Year 5 Season 4.

Is for honor dying 2020?

the developers don’t care about the players.

Is for honor PS4 dead?

This game is totally dead on PS4. You have no chance to find a match in most gamemodes. The only modes that can be played are domination and breach with 2+ minute wait times.

Can you play for honor offline?

Players will need to be connected to the internet at all times to play For Honor.” “For Honor offers an engaging single-player, offline campaign and thrilling multiplayer,” the game’s description currently reads on Steam. … For Honor will launch for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC platforms on February 14, 2017.

Who is the fastest character in for honor?

For Honor – All Hero Speeds – Who is the Fastest?Peacekeeper, with 112% the speed of Warden.Orochi, with 107%Berserker with 101%Warden, who travels as fast as himself.Nobushi, just barely slower than Warden.Raider, just barely slower than Nobushi.Lawbringer, just barely slower than Raider.Valkyrie, with 99%More items…•Feb 25, 2017

Is for honor better with a controller?

What I found is that the controller is better for slower characters, while the keyboard and mouse combo is better for faster assassin type heroes. (At least for me.) So if you have both, use both. If you’d have to buy a controller just for For Honor, than I’d say it’s not worth it.

Is for honor better on PC?

Looking objectively, PC is better, just because it offers more FPS and allows you to choose preference over K&M vs Controller. Normally PC has more graphical options, like FOD and blur options.

Will for honor get new characters?

Two new heroes will be added to the game during Year 4, with the first arriving in Season 2 and the other in Season 4. … Outside of the new heroes, you can expect a host of new cosmetics, both part of the Battle Pass and paid in the in-game store.

What is the best class for honor?

This Character is another one of the Best Classes in For Honor for new players….Best Heroes In For Honor.S-TierOrochi – Nobushi – Peacekeeper – Kensei – Raider – ShamanA-TierConqueror – Berserker – Lawbringer – Gladiator – Warden – HighlanderB-TierShugoki – Centurion – Valkyrie – Warlord – Aramusha

Ubisoft remains bullish on For Honor, even if it isn’t grabbing as much mainstream attention as it did closer to its initial launch. It’s clear that it still has a healthy fanbase; the bulk of the matches I played filled up with live players in short order, with only a few bots filling up vacancies when necessary.

Is for honor pay to win?

There is no pay to win. You have to wait a little longer to use new hero’s without season pass, but every character is purchaseable with in game currency, it only takes about a week of grinding to get two new characters for me.

Is for honor hard to learn?

For Honor is one of the most demanding and mechanically-complex games of this generation. You need help. … Despite its depth, For Honor’s learning curve is actually not that steep, provided you take it slow, getting comfortable with one hero before moving on to other options.

Who is the strongest character in for honor?

LawbringerIn my “professional” opinion, Lawbringer is the strongest. He’s one of the very few characters that is top tier in every game mode as he just brings so much to the table.

Is for honor Free 2020?

For Honor will be free to download and play on Xbox One, PS4, and PC from July 23-26, giving players the chance to cross swords with Vikings, Samurai, Knights, and Wu Lin across a wide variety of battlefields and game modes. … For Honor is available now on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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