What Does Congenial Mean?

What is a congenial person?

A congenial person is easy to get along with.

If you’re trying to decide which of your friends to take on a road trip, choose the most congenial one.

Congenial means sharing the same temperament, or agreeing with your temperament.

You can talk about a congenial person, place, or environment..

What does congenial mean in English?

1a : pleasant especially : agreeably suited to one’s nature, tastes, or outlook a congenial atmosphere. b : sociable, genial a congenial host. c : existing or associated together harmoniously. 2 : having the same nature, disposition, or tastes : kindred congenial companions.

What does zealous mean?

: marked by fervent partisanship for a person, a cause, or an ideal : filled with or characterized by zeal zealous missionaries.

What is the opposite word of congenial?

congenial. Antonyms: unnatural, abhorrent, dissonant, disagreeable, ungrate ful, antagonistic, alien, dissimilar, uncongenial. Synonyms: natural, concordant, consonant, grateful, sympathetic, kindred, ant: unnatural, abhorrent, dissonant, disagreeable, ungrate ful, antagonistic, alien, dissimilar, uncongenial.

What does flippant mean?

1 : lacking proper respect or seriousness. 2 archaic : glib, talkative.

What is a vindication?

: an act of vindicating : the state of being vindicated specifically : justification against denial or censure : defense.

What is the synonym for congenial?

Words related to congenial sympathetic, cordial, genial, harmonious, pleasant, jovial, favorable, sociable, agreeable, mellow, pleasing, affable, convivial, gracious, adapted, companionable, compatible, complaisant, congruous, consistent.

What does congeniality in communication mean?

the quality of being friendly and pleasant. SMART Vocabulary: related words and phrases. Friendly.

Is congenial a compliment?

Tips: Congenial is a good compliment for someone who is well-adapted and pleasant to be with. A situation or environment can also be congenial.

What does hospitable mean?

1a : given to generous and cordial reception of guests a kind, hospitable people they are hospitable … : give a guest everything, and leave him free to do as he likes— Bram Stoker. b : promising or suggesting generous and friendly welcome hospitable faces.

How can a person be congenial?

8 traits to cultivate a congenial personalityHumility. This section of people are humble and down-to-earth. … Empathetic and Kind. These people are always approachable. … Believe in actions. They make sure not to blabber and believe in actions. … Use words wisely. … Unaffected by peer pressure. … Don’t poke their nose in others business. … Motivate and appreciate people. … Patience.Jun 10, 2020

How do you use congenial?

Congenial in a Sentence 🔉Mark is a congenial host who always makes everyone feel welcome. … Because Jenna is not a congenial person, people rarely accept her dinner invitations. … Ellen’s congenial nature makes her a perfect restaurant hostess.More items…

What does facade mean?

1 : the front of a building also : any face of a building given special architectural treatment a museum’s east facade. 2 : a false, superficial, or artificial appearance or effect tried to preserve the facade of a happy marriage.

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